Hello. I'm Rob

I'm sorta into code

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Why Choose Me

Because being qualified is not enough. I will build positive relationships and trust among employees and clients while fiercly protecting your company's good name because I always strive to write according to the best coding practices.

I am very passionate about meeting deadlines and expectations, so when you look at the schedule and see my name assigned to a project, you know you have nothing to worry about.

What I Can do For You

Software Development

With an education in object oriented programming and object oriented design, I can deliver to you a high quality, secure software in a timely manner that excels your needs.

Database Management

Not only will I ensure your company's database is compliant and easy to navigate, but I will evaluate for any weak points, providing a secure and better tomorrow.

User Experience

Finally, we're starting to rebel against technology that's too complicated. I offer you software with simplistic user interface to meet your complex business needs.

About Me


Software Engineer

My Story

Hi! I'm Rob and I am a software engineer who graduated from Central Connecticut State University, with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Management Information Systems. My love of software is what drew me to CS when I was a kid. Playing and tinkering with software made by people like me with the same passion for technology, motivated me as a child.

Born and raised in New England, I try to take advantage of everything Connecticut has to offer. When I'm not making magic at my desk, you'll likely see me fishing, playing piano or teaching others the essentials of software development.

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